The Fall of the Western Roman Empire

In this essay, I am going to discuss what caused the collapse of the Western Roman Empire in the fifth century. The answer to this question differentiates amongst many historians as they disagree on both why the Western Empire fell and when, but I will define a series of different contributors, that might not have caused the downfall on their own, but together proved to be catastrophic.

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The Idea of Imitating Antiquity During the Renaissance

In this essay, I will first define two different variations of imitation through a close study of two letters by Angelo Poliziano and Paolo Cortesi in the mid-1480s. In the light of these definitions, I will explain Petrarch’s idea of imitating antiquity by taking a look at his speech from his self-coronation in 1341. Furthermore, I will explain the idea of using imitation to influence politician Cola di Rienzo during his revolution in 1347. Finally, I will end my essay by summarizing my findings in order to answer the question of what was meant by the idea of imitating antiquity during the Renaissance.

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Christianity and the Perception of Witches in the 15th century

In this essay, I am going to discuss how witches were thought to be a part of a sect who worshipped the devil and waged a secret war against the Christian Church. In this account, I will through the close study of two excerpts, be discussing how the literary works Formicarius and Malleus Maleficarum affected the development of Christian theologian’s perception of witches, or malefici (latin translation), during the 15th century.